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This site has been developed by the Maritime Heritage Foundation with assistance from Odyssey Marine Exploration and Wreck Watch International. It is intended for use by everyone interested in HMS Victory and its history.

On 5 October 1744, the greatest warship of the age of sail vanished. For 269 years, the shipwreck of HMS Victory was believed to rest off the Channel Isles. In 2008 Odyssey Marine Exploration discovered HMS Victory 100km away from where it was believed to have been lost in the Western English Channel. In 2012 the wreck's ownership was transferred from HM Government's Ministry of Defence to the Maritime Heritage Foundation, a registered charity.

The Victory is unique as the only scientifically studied wreck of a First Rate English warship found in the world's oceans. Over 80km south-east of Plymouth, Victory is located beyond the sight of land. It lies within one of the world's busiest sea-lanes where strong currents sweep the bottom and fishing trawlers drag heavy bottom gear across the seabed. The site is hard to get to and too deep to dive for all but specialists using the most sophisticated rebreather and mixed gas technology.

This website was developed to make the wonders of the Victory available to everyone through a virtual dive trail, archaeological papers and other information about the wreck.

As our knowledge of HMS Victory develops, this website will be updated with new information, photographs and video so you can experience new discoveries about the Victory.

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The Victory Virtual Dive Trail and this website are sponsored by the Maritime Heritage Foundation, with support from Odyssey Marine Exploration and Wreck Watch International.


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