Area G: 2008 Surveys

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At the south end of the wreck seven bronze cannon lie isolated on ripples of sand and shell. The guns bear telling signs of exposure to dynamic currents and the impacts of fishing boats dragging heavy bottom gear.

The Victory's guns became coated with protective layers of marine concretion down the centuries. This cannon is now stripped of concretion and is heavily scratched. The beautiful crest capped with a crown shows the royal arms of King George I (ruled 1714-1727). Below is the royal motto Dieu et Mon Droit (God and My Right).

A second gun isolated in Area G lies face up. Its surfaces are almost completely stripped of concretion. The muzzle has been knocked off, most probably by fishing trawler gear. Linear scratches run down the chase.

A third gun has been dragged away from where it landed on the seabed. The muzzle is again sliced off. Fresh bronze has been recently exposed by man-made abrasion.

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